6 Huge Interior Trends For 2022

15th Dec 2021
6 Huge Interior Trends For 2022

Our homes in 2021, spurred by the pandemic, have continued to serve hybrid roles of both living and working spaces, and even classrooms, gyms, and more, as we all seek sanctuary away from the uncertainties of COVID-19. This trend is set to continue to shape the future of interior design into 2022.

Sustainability will become a strong focus in terms of the materials and the textiles of the coming year, as well as how and where we shop. It will bring renewed interest in biophilia, bringing more of the outdoor world into our homes, and further restructuring of interior spaces to adapt to a variety of purposes.

Here’s more of what you can expect to see in the world of interiors in 2022.

Sustainability and natural materials

The responsible use of materials has been predicted to be a leading design trend for next year, as well as an increase in biophilia, which has been making waves for a couple of years.

Sustainability and the use of organic materials have been on the rise for several years, but with the public now aware more than ever of their exposure to climate change, sustainability is far more than just another buzzword and is now firmly entrenched in interior design.

This will mean it will change how we buy furniture, with a move towards reclaimed wood and accessories made from recycled glass and metal. 

Sustainability will also be experienced with the textiles and materials used in the home, with vintage textiles and fabrics produced sustainably getting the spotlight.

Linking in with the biophilia trend will be increased use of cork, both renewable and biodegradable, and it will have a strong presence in the kitchen. It also has excellent insulating properties.

Nature-inspired design

Interior design experts have been talking about biophilia for some time, but it is expected to bloom in
2022. The use of plants, terracotta, and timber will help introduce natural tones blended into our interiors. This could take the form of green velvet sofas and drapes, sage or olive green walls, and jute textures rugs.

Sage green has experienced a revival in the past few years, and the tone for 2022 is grey-green, a silvery-green hue that provides a calming and relaxing aesthetic to living rooms, bringing the colour of harmony and renewal.

Earthy browns and terracottas will help provide a sense of balance with warmer tones, and there has been an increase of 86 per cent in searches on Google for terracotta walls in the past 12 months.

The reddish-brown tones are also a great pick for the autumn and winter months and can be put to great effect with elegant layering, for example, a reddish clay backdrop for the bedroom, matched with a grey velvet bed and cosy linen bedding for a lush calming experience.

Blue is the new black

Earlier in the year, Dulux named Bright Skies as its Colour of the Year 2022. This light and airy blue helps to promote tranquillity and freshness.

Blue is set to become one of the most popular colours for bedrooms in 2022 for this particular quality. It can help promote a positive effect on mood, helping to connect with a blue sky or the ocean. Consider a dark blue feature wall, paired with a blue textured quilt cover, ideal for helping to find restful and calming sleep.

Darker blues will find their way to other areas of the home, as it can be the perfect base to best let accessories take centre stage. As discovered by museums, darker colours perform well as a background for paintings and artworks than white walls.

Antiques and thrifting

Many people will be using antique and vintage finds as their preferred green resource for the home, while the younger generations will make good use of secondhand marketplaces and apps, looking for upcycled, antique, or used furniture that has a story to tell, not only as a means to be greener but as conversation starters and statement pieces.

The use of antiques has been gathering momentum over the past year, and shoppers will soon be looking for more specific styles and be more discerning in the pieces they want in their homes.

Mid-century coffee tables and chairs will continue to be popular, but there will be a resurgence in more decorative 17th century styles. Hand-turned bobbin features have become increasingly popular at antique fairs and markets and is now being reflected in contemporary homeware.

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