Be All Ears For A Rabbit-Themed Sleep

6th May 2021
Be All Ears For A Rabbit-Themed Sleep

Many people love to give a bedroom a hint of the countryside, whether it is through the decoration, the inclusion of plants or the bedding itself.

Few things are more evocative of the great British countryside than the sight of rabbits hopping around as they nibble the grass. That’s why rabbit meadow bedding could be just the thing to give any bedroom that hint of timeless, rural charm.

Some might consider this a great theme for their children’s bedding, but there is nothing like a fluffy bunny to bring out the kid in all of us. After all, many adults have great childhood memories of tales of rabbits, from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit through to the classic novel Watership Down.

Of course, the latter story was far from being a tale of peaceful meadows on warm spring evenings and the 1978 animated film version - remarkably a PG picture kids as young as five could watch - had a higher body count than most war films. Yet even that only served to reinforce a love of rabbits as creatures that lived lives of adventure despite a wide array of dangers.

Such appreciation may have been reinforced by the keeping of rabbits as pets, a feature of many a childhood and, for those with their own children, perhaps also of the present day.

After all, even if the adventures of Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver and friends as they sought a new home made for a captivating story quite unlike those of the pets hopping around the back garden, it’s a reminder of what beautiful and adorable creatures they are - apart from General Woundwort, of course.

So when the end of the day is approaching and your eyes are no longer bright, what could be more pleasant than heading for the human equivalent of a burrow and snuggling ‘down’ under delightful rabbit-themed bedding?