How To Choose The Perfect Curtains For Each Room

4th Jun 2021
How To Choose The Perfect Curtains For Each Room

The curtains and drapes we use in each room are exceptionally important, as the colours, textures and designs we use often can create an impression in bystanders’ minds about the people who live in a particular home.

As well as this, curtains serve an important purpose of managing the amount of light that is allowed to enter each room, and as a result, the curtains we choose should fit how we commonly use the room and the balance between light and privacy.

However, because drapery forms such a huge part of a room’s design, the wrong choice can throw the design of a room completely off, which can not only be aesthetically displeasing but can affect your ability to relax or effectively work in a room.

Because each room is so different, here are some tips to choosing the best curtains online for each room in your home, going room to room.

Master Bedroom

Thicker curtains are absolutely necessary for the master bedroom, as any drapery that does not block out the sun will lead to a rather rude awakening every sunrise.

This makes blackout curtains an appealing option, as well as traditional thick and heavy textiles such as crushed velvet. These not only help control the light better but also give the bedroom a more comfortable, intimate look.

As well as this, as the bedroom is a more personal room than others in the home, you can choose more striking colours and patterns, but bear in mind that you do not want an overly busy pattern, as it may affect your sleep.

Living Room

As the main room in your home, and the one you will most likely spend time in and entertain guests, it needs to have a look that you can happily stare out for hours at a time without it becoming a drain.

As a result, the best curtains will be simple, basic patterns or solid colours that match the rest of the style of your room, serving as an accent rather than a centrepiece.

A common mistake many homeowners make is having somewhat ostentatious curtains that draw the eye every time you head into the room.


Simplicity and practicality is the order of the ay when it comes to kitchen curtains, and given how common stains are in a kitchen, choosing an easy to clean material with a simple pattern or solid colour is ideal.

A good choice with this in mind is nylon curtains, as dirt typically does not cling to the material easily.

So long as they match the aesthetic of your kitchen, there is a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to kitchen curtains, from blinds to easy-to-clean curtains to even shutters.

Home Office

Businesses often choose Venetian blinds for offices because they always allow a little light in and are ideal for controlling the light levels of a room and enable people to focus and concentrate on computer screens.

For that same reason, Venetian blinds are often the best choice for a home office as they can allow a lot of light in but also block out light as is convenient, making them a versatile choice regardless of the home office itself.

At the same time, however, having a lot of natural light is important in a home office as light can affect your mood and ability to focus. With that in mind, some people have instead opted for light, airy curtains that do not block out light so much as filter it.

Reading Room

For home libraries, reading rooms and studies, the focus is on peace, serenity and quiet so you can focus on reading, hobbies and in some cases work.

As a result, the best choices are thicker, heavier curtain materials such as crushed velvet. They filter out excess light and sound from outside, making it easier to focus.

The difference between a study and a home office is cosiness, with a home office often being lit differently and taking advantage of natural light in a way that a reading room often will not.


Bathroom curtains are an option alongside blinds, but it is important to take practicality into account with a bathroom, as the amount of water that could potentially splash onto curtains make certain materials unusable.

Depending on the light you want in the room, you may wish to opt for sheer fabric, as it will allow for both privacy and light.

Moisture resistant materials such as vinyl are ideal, but if you opt for other materials then be sure they are machine-washable to avoid any unpleasantness.