How To Create A Luxury Hotel-Style Haven At Home

13th Aug 2021
How To Create A Luxury Hotel-Style Haven At Home

If you’ve recently returned from a staycation and fallen in love with the luxurious decor of your hotel or rental apartment, you might be inspired to recreate the same luxe vibe at home.

The plush simplicity of a high-end hotel is universally appealing, with comfy seating, a desk, integrated bedside tables and lighting, and a good hotel room is designed to look like a newly decorated, fresh space every 24 hours, with fresh linens, uncluttered accessories and decor, and striking wall art. We look at how to recreate that detailing in your own home.

Bliss in the bedroom

The most important factor following the sparkling cleanliness is the comfort of the bed. It would uneconomical for hotels to change the beds routinely, so they build on a top-end mattress as a base, and use toppers.

A carefully chosen matters topper can elevate the quality of your nightly sleep. This doesn’t mean you should not need to replace your mattress every eight years, as the unhealthy allergens will still be steadily accumulating.

Most hotels use quality, firm, hybrid latex/pocket sprung exceptionally deep mattresses, set over a velour divan base to match the decor. This allows an unfilled end of the duvet cover - longer than standard - to be tucked under the mattress and pulled straight.

Rest your head

According to the Sleep Council, we should be changing our pillows every two years, as the internal structure of the pillow will decline after 18 to 24 months of constant use.

Hotel pillows are typically moderately to firmly supporting and should support you whether you are a back or side-sleeper.

Buckwheat and memory foam pillows encased in cotton are hypoallergenic and also helps provide cooling airflow to the head.


Hotel towels are known for being fat, white, and heavy textiles with a high thread count and bales of immaculate towelling accompanied by ankle-length bathrobes are an essential addition to help recreate the spa-like feel of a boutique hotel.

Aim for 500gsm to 650gsm towels to get that same density and feel of the towel as it comforts you as you sop up the water from a shower.

Cotton is the obvious choice, as it can hold 25 times its own weight in water. Look for double hemstitching, and look for huge bath towels of around 180cm by 100 cm. Machine wash them at the highest temperature and use a rinse of white vinegar to preserve their snowy white perfection.

Bed linen

Hotels use white linen as it can help demonstrate the cleanliness of the room and sits up against other statement thrown and covering effortlessly.

The thread count will help determine the sensory experience between the sheets, but also explore other materials such as bamboo, which is ideal for summer bedding, as it has excellent wicking qualities.

Aim for a thread count of around 250 to 300, and look for a sateen or percale weave. A secret about hotel linen is that it feels softer than your bedding at home because it is laundered daily in detergents that contain wrinkly defying phosphates, which deliver a 400 to 600 thread count experience.

Window treatments

High-rise hotels help keep the outside world at bay by covering the huge, floor-to-ceiling windows in heavy window treatments. These weighty, fat, and solid coloured curtains often also act as an acoustic defence against the noise of a city centre, as well as providing a blissfully dark room to get a quality night’s sleep.

The floor can take up the yield of a good underlay but rest rather than pool your curtains on the floor in heavy, lined, quality textiles matched to a sleek wand or cord operation instead of needing to yank them open or close, helping prevent the material from being stained or stressed.

To achieve the Four Seasons look of maintaining a soft pleat when pulled to, you will need at least twice the width of the windows in your chosen curtain material. To keep the contemporary look, ensure your curtains pull right back from the glazed area, especially if you have a magnificent view to admire when opening the treatments in the morning.

Sheers not only diffuse daylight beautifully but will connect you to the landscape while shielding you from prying eyes, and the reality of just how dirty upstairs windows are. To help reconfigure an ugly, short window, let sheers fall to the floor and keep them closed.

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