How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

4th May 2021
How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

A luxury hotel room can ooze comfort and cosiness, but recreating that same feeling at home can be tricky to get right. We have a look at some simple changes you can make to give your bedroom a hotel upgrade.

Whether you want your luxury hotel bedroom just for yourself, or you want to find the right bedroom style for you and your partner, we look at aspects such as bedding, colour schemes, furniture and lighting.


1. Dress the bed

To begin with, you need a duvet size that’s bigger than your bed. Double bed? You need a king-size duvet, and bedding to fit. Go for white sheets in either silk or a high Egyptian cotton thread count around 400.

Pair this with pillows, and stack two pairs upright against the bed head, and follow this with velvet or silk curtains that compliment the colour of the room. Pull the duvet up to the pillow and fold it back on itself to create what’s known as an apron effect, then tuck the duvet under the mattress for the ‘hotel tucked style.

Invest in a luxury mattress that provides extra support from pocket springs, breathability from natural materials, and quality craftsmanship.


2. Styling

Styling can transform the room, and pay close attention to practical aspects such as positioning bedside tables near pull sockets. Less is more when it comes to decoration, and choose booms for decor over trinkets and ornaments, and use a large mirror in place of several smaller ones.


3. Color scheme

One of the more notable elements of a luxury hotel room is the colour scheme, which can define all the choices for the rest of the room. Align bedding, curtains, flooring, and artwork with the colour scheme, and create a calming, luxury feel by choosing neutral colours such as taupe, fawn, or cream, or go dark with navy blues and dark greens.


4. Coherent furniture choices

To create a cohesive style in the bedroom, avoid choosing ‘suite’ style bedroom sets. Start with the bed, and go for a statement piece, such as a modern four-poster, a statement emperor bed, or silk upholstered bedhead. Then choose minimal, practical furniture that works in harmony and doesn’t clutter the room.

For a boutique hotel feel, choose a velvet bedhead in grey, and for something a touch more opulent look for French-style upholstered beds with ornate detailing. Try painting or reupholstering items you already own to save on buying lots of new pieces.


5. Set the mood with lighting

Choose a mix of lighting to create different moods in the bedroom. Hotels put a lot of thought into the lighting in their rooms, so layer your bedroom lighting with low-level table lights on the bedside tables, as well as a central ceiling chandelier, and also include wall lights and large mirrors to add a cosy, inviting feel that works both day and night.


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