Top Tips For Styling Your Home For Christmas

6th Dec 2021
Top Tips For Styling Your Home For Christmas

One of the many pleasures of this time of year is creating a welcoming home for you and your family and friends to enjoy. This year more than ever, when we can (we hope!) have those traditional gatherings again, it is important to celebrate the festive season in style! Here are some of the most popular design trends for this Christmas.

Winter foliage

This year, nature has been one of the overriding themes of interior décor, as we have sought solace and comfort through a connection to the outdoors. For Christmas 2021, natural foliage will be a big trend, whether in the form of decorative wreaths, displays of dried grasses, or bowls of pot pourri mixtures.

You don’t need to spend much on this trend either—it is easy to gather twigs, dried leaves, and pine cones on walks, and spray them with silver or gold paint for a festive touch. Mix in a few baubles and fairy lights for an extra Christmassy effect. You can also create a pot pourri by adding herbs and spices to a decorative bowl of dried flowers, fruits and leaves.

If time is of the essence, there are plenty of lovely traditional plants that can be bought off the shelf at this time of year. Poinsettias, cyclamen, Christmas cacti, and miniature trees will look perfect on windowsills and as table centrepieces.

Christmas tree trends

Real trees will be just as popular as ever this year, House Beautiful reports. One of the favourite traditional varieties will be the Nordmann Fir. They tend to hang on to their needles throughout the festive season, making them an ideal indoor tree, and can be anything from between 3ft to 12ft.

For something a little bit different, the article recommends the Fraser Fir, which is native to the Appalachian Mountains of the US, but is grown mainly in Scotland in the UK. It has a pleasing conical shape, but is slimmer and less dense than a Nordmann, so is more suited to smaller homes. It retains its needles well and has a fresh orangey fragrance.

For those who prefer an artificial tree, there is a move towards more realistic, imperfect shapes such as you would find in nature. Many people are now buying an artificial tree to have in another room of the house, in addition to a real tree. For a modern twist, twig trees with LED branches are very popular this year.

The nostalgia trend will continue

The so-called ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic has taken a strong hold on our collective imaginations this year, and that looks set to be reflected in our choice of Christmas decorations. The aim is to recreate the charm and cosiness of a country cottage from the days of yore!

This yearning for a romanticised version of the past has been growing over the past few years, possibly in response to all the change and uncertainty that is happening in the world. It’s a wider movement than simply a fashion trend; it encompasses a slower approach to the pace of life, and a shift towards sustainable and artisan crafts and goods.

To encompass this in your Christmas décor, have some vintage items on display, or dig out any family heirlooms that have been confined to the loft. If you are buying new decorations, choose handcrafted items which are made from recycled or sustainable materials. For those of us with an artistic streak, it is a great chance to come up with your own creations.

Choose warm tones and textures

When it comes to the colour scheme for Christmas, you can never go far wrong with metallic silver and gold for those decorative touches. For fabrics and furnishings, complement cold colours with rich warm tones, such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Sumptuous textures for throws, rugs and blankets will help to create that warm and inviting atmosphere we crave at this time of year. It’s also the time to brighten up our bedrooms with some Christmas bedding! Tartan checks are very on trend this year, to evoke that country manor house feel.

Make a statement with white

For those who prefer a more pared back Christmas aesthetic, Ideal Home recommends experimenting with an all-white palette. The publication suggests off-setting the white with natural wooden accessories, and garlands of ivy. Interest can also be added to the look with textured fabrics and embroidered cushions.

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to styling the house for Christmas! Whether you prefer merry, bright, and sparkly, or cool understatement, there is the perfect seasonal look for every type of home.

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