What Are The Bedroom Trends For 2022

9th Dec 2021
What Are The Bedroom Trends For 2022

As the new year approaches, interior design experts are making predictions for the trends we will see and use in 2022, as we seek to create more sanctuary-style spaces at home. For the coming year, bedrooms contuse to become a cocoon to wrap ourselves up in for restful sleep at the end of a long day or to simply, unwind with a good book.

Whether you’re looking for what furnishings you should be keeping an eye out for, or what patterns or colours will be popular in 2022, then we have a look at what to expect for interior design in the bedroom.

Bedrooms have evolved beyond simple a functional space to get sleep, instead, they have become multifunctional spaces, and an opportunity to shut the world away from the rest of the house and household.


So what are the bedroom trends for 2022?


Bold Stripes

Stripes can have a bit of a ‘Marmite’ effect, in that some people love them, and some people hate them. However, stripes have long been the friend of the interior designer, and are set to be big news in 2022.

From the traditional smaller-scale stripes typically reserved for more traditional interiors to bold and string stripes for more contemporary spaces, stripes are being introduced to bedroom designs daringly and dramatically - the bolder the better.

On the whole, there is a move towards bold patterns but stripes are especially proving to be popular for the coming year. But how do you style them for the bedroom?

Paint and decor brand Farrow and Ball have demonstrated a painted stripe ceiling for the bedroom, with bold red and white stripes creating a ‘painted canopy’. Forget four-poster beds, it’s all about painting your canopy onto the ceiling and being clever with stripes.

You don’t have to be quite so linear with stripes either. While horizontal and vertical stripes are great, try being brave and paint bold stripes are various angles.

It’s also a great way to design for a kids’ bedroom or playroom, as stripes always bring in a fun element. What’s more, if you’re painting stripes into the bedroom, then they can always be painted over later - it’s quite simple to update when you get bored of them.


Statement headboards

One of the ‘must-have’ bedroom features for 2022 is statement headboards, but not simply, a nicely upholstered or plush finish, these headboards are going all-out, with designs so spectacular, that the headboard is the design element of the room.

People should be left with no doubt that the headboard is the focal point in the room, so it is key to find or create something truly exceptional.

So how are headboards being styled differently, and what do we need to look out for or be aware of moving into 2022?

Go big, or go home, or in this case go big at home! To achieve the look for this trend, it’s time to let the extrovert designer inside you go wild. Worship and embrace heavy pattern and print - The bolder, the more eccentric and decorative, the better! 

Headboards this year will not only be upholstered in a range of different fabrics but also mosaic and encaustic tile patterns too, turning headboards from 2D to 3D statement decor. Also, look for intricate and shapely headboard designs too.


Box rooms become bedrooms again

Small bedrooms are typically the cosiest and most enticing spaces of all, and one increasingly popular trend is to avoid trying to make the space feel larger, but instead to go darker or stronger with colour and decor choices.

You can make box rooms intentionally darker in tone by bringing in varied accent colours, interesting wall coverings, colourful artwork, and a dynamic selection of accessories, paired with interesting lighting - elements that create interest within a smaller space.

It’s a bedroom trend that is anticipated to go from strength to strength too. Smaller spaces are increasingly common. With little room to work with, the interiors industry is taking note of clever design requirements and small bedroom lighting ideas.

There is also increased demand for bespoke beds too, which can really enhance smaller bedrooms, with clever hidden storage, helping to make a smaller bedroom feel inviting and unique.

Small bespoke beds also enable us to bring in a sumptuous mix of additional fabrics, tones, and textures, layering the bed with paint colours, textures, and exciting fabrics to a decor. It has become very popular to be bold in a small bedroom, and a small single bespoke bed is now being seen as a worthy design addition.


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