Window Dressing Ideas For Every Style And Budget

14th Jan 2022
Window Dressing Ideas For Every Style And Budget

Styling a window can transform a room from being rather ordinary into something quite special, and there is such a wide range of options available.

Unlike many ways of redecorating a home, curtains and window dressings are a DIY project that is ideal for transforming rented homes, as you can take them with you when you move, and they do not cause damage that would result in losing your deposit.

We have a look at some ideas on how to find the right window dressings for your home.

Ombre-effect curtains

Ombre-patterned curtains that gently sweep the floor can help bring a beachy vibe to bedrooms. You can find a range of ombre-style curtains, or you can even try making your ownlo from a plain pair of cotton curtains.

Layer up fabrics

One of the main benefits of curtains is that they can be swapped around in almost no time to help suit the season or the latest trends. Combining curtains with loosely hung sheer panels can make a great focal point for the spring and summer months.

Laid-back tab top curtains

Tab header curtains are perfect for modern and relaxed homes. The tabs easily slide onto the curtain pole and may even be enhanced with button fastenings or ties.

Heavy velvet curtains

Heavy drapes in thick materials such as velvet will not only look lavish but also help to keep rooms warm and cosy during the winter.

Breezy sheer voiles

Sheer curtains – also known as voiles – are by far the most elegant way to control sun glare in your home. They can be used alone in spaces that don’t demand total darkness or privacy but also pair up nicely with opaque curtains to create a lavish, layered look.

Perky panel curtains

If you have wide French doors, it can be tricky to dress them, as you need to cover a large area of glass. Panel curtains on tracks can be ideal, as they stack neatly in front of each other when not in use.

Made-to-measure curtains

For the ultimate in luxury, you can’t beat bespoke curtains. While made-to-measure curtains do not come cheap, they do provide a room with a unique, tailored look. You will be able to choose from a range of headers, from classic French pleats to ultra-modern waves.

For a truly sumptuous feel, ask for the fullness of at least two, meaning that the width of the fabric is at least twice the width of the track or pole.

Traditional layered bay window

Having both curtains and blinds in a large bay window is a great way to add an extra-luxury feature as bring comfort to a room. Not only deluxe, but it is a practical investment too, as layered window dressings will offer extra warmth, privacy, and sunlight control.

Floor-skimming curtains

Curtains that fall right to the floor add a bit of luxurious hotel chic to rooms. The extra fabric instantly makes a room feel cosier and keeps out window draughts too as there are no gaps for air to escape through.  

Easy eyelets

A popular choice for ready-made curtains is eyelet headers that help bring a sleeker look. Always check the diameter of the eyelets before ordering the curtain pole to ensure they fit and run smoothly. For a 40mm eyelet, a 28mm pole will be ideal.


Pop up a pelmet

A curtain valance can make a decorative and tidy addition to windows and hide away unsightly curtain tracks.

Off-the-peg curtains

Ready-made curtains are the simplest route to take when looking for curtains to finish off a room. There is a wide range of drops (the length) and widths, so you will likely find something that fits without needing alteration.

Choose privacy screens

A chic option for more unusual window treatment is to use a transferable, dual-purpose screen that can be moved into place when privacy or darkness is needed. It's a practical idea for balcony windows and French doors that would be obstructed by hanging fabric when open.  

Install window film 

If you’re not so keen on elaborate window treatments, but looking for an extra level of privacy, then window film is a great idea, as well as being very affordable.

There are many designs to choose from, from a solid frosted glass look to traditional or contemporary patterns, and some companies will allow you to create your own designs. While some suppliers may offer an installation service, you can save money by installing them yourself.

If you’re looking for ready-made curtains in the UK, get in touch today.