10 Tips For A Welcoming Guest Room

18th May 2021
10 Tips For A Welcoming Guest Room

As the lockdown measures are eased, and we are all free to travel further afield, it’s time to catch up with those friends and relatives we haven’t seen in so long. But if you’re keen to play host to visiting relatives over the summer, then you need to ensure you have a fabulous guests room to put them up in.

The key to creating a guests room that your friends and family won’t want to leave is to create it as if you want to stay in it, so ensure you have all the comforts you desire, from gorgeous bedding and linen sheets to tactile throws and a stack of fluffy towels.

We have some tips below to help you kit out the spare room and create a luxury experience for house guests.


1. Choose bold bedding

To make an impact, go all out with your bedding. The guest room is the place to treat your friends and family to a luxurious blousy duvet set. Pair florals or designs with some plain and textured cushions in a key colour.


2. If you can, pop in a desk

If there is space along a wall or in an alcove, then it is worth squeezing in a desk. Not only does it mean you have a place to work from home, but your guests can also plugin if they need to, and it can double as a dressing table.

Make a feature of it by painting it in a different colour to the rest of the scheme -  a darker shade will recede whereas a lighter colour will pop.


3. A hanging rail goes a long way

Guest rooms can often be on the small side, so a wardrobe might not be something that fits in. However, a simple hanging rail can suffice, and choose a slimline design that can be placed alongside a wall. A shelf underneath can be perfect for tops and accessories and room for shoes to be placed underneath.


4. Give plant life a whirl

Plants add life and as we know, are a great health benefit as well as looking lovely and lush. By introducing some to the guest room, you can add extra colour and texture.

Invest in a variety of plants - trailing ones look great on shelves or hanging from a macramé pot, and look into wispy ferns and cacti or two for balance. 


5. Put mirrors at the top of your list

A small wall-hung mirror is fine, but every guest room need a full-length mirror, so your guests have somewhere to check out the outfits they want to wear, just as you do in your own bedroom.

Mirrors will also bounce light around the room, making it feel more spacious, bright, and airy.


6. Blackout

Nobody manages to sleep that well in a bed that’s not their own, but one way of helping guests block out distractions is to try to ensure the room is as dark as possible at night.

If you have the budget, then shutters can be very stylish and great for managing light and temperature. You can close them in summer and keep the room cool, and in winter they can create a plush, cosy feel.

However, curtains can be much more budget-friendly, and blackout pencil pleat curtains will make sure that the room is dark and conducive to a restful night’s sleep.


7. Don't forget art

Finishing touches are key, and popping up a gallery wall or investing in one beautiful piece of art is all a room needs to complete it. 

Art can give character to space, while also adding colour and decorative quality. Match your bedding and furnishings to the artwork (or vice versa) to create a cohesive look.


8. Provide a little library

A simple, but lovely and welcoming idea is to gather a combination of fiction and non-fiction books for your guests to peruse. Maybe a quick and easy thriller, or a local guide or history book, or perhaps a nice coffee table book to skim through.

Personal touches go a long way and if you have the space, a small armchair by the window will create a lovely reading nook so your guest can have some peaceful time. 


9. What should you have in your guest room? 

If you’re able to, and the budget allows for it, then go all out, get extra towels, pillows and blankets, ideally in a range of thicknesses for cooler or warmer evenings, and a choice of pillows.


10. Storage is key

A bedside table is essential, as well as somewhere to plug in phone chargers near to the bed too. If you choose a bed with space underneath, then you can add storage there too, as well as being somewhere to store a suitcase. Door hooks are great for dressing gowns, and a water bin is a dull but essential addition!


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