Our Home Accessories

Our Home Accessories

Are you looking to add that final finishing touch to your home? Take a look at our array of stylish home accessories. We have many different patterns and colours available to suit any decor.

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Home Accessories FAQs

  • What sizes are available in the fleece hoodies?

    Our fleece Hoodies come in one size and should fit most adults.

  • What type of throw should I get?

    There are different types of throws; there is the fleece and more decorative tapestry style throws.

    The tapestry style throw is lighter weight, and is used for decorative purposes. A fleece throw is softer and thicker and can be used as a covering to help keep you warmer when it's cold.

  • Is it okay to use a vacuum / hoover on a new rug?

    Generally, it’s fine to use a vacuum / hoover on a new rug – especially rugs that are flat-woven. However, with rugs that have longer fibres i.e a shaggy rug may get caught in the vacuum, which can be a problem. In this case, you can dry-clean or use a smaller handheld vacuum on a gentle suction. Please see care instructions on your items before cleaning them.