5 Fresh Interior Trends For Spring

22nd Apr 2022
5 Fresh Interior Trends For Spring

As we enjoy the balmier temperatures of spring, it is natural to want a change in our home surroundings. Interior design continues to be exceptionally uplifting and inspiring this year, as we aim to reinvent our homes as places where we both work and seek sanctuary. Here are some of the key trends for spring 2022!

Rounded shapes

Curves are to be celebrated this year, and not just in the Daily Mail. According to Country Living, softer lines are taking over from minimalist angles, as we seek to make our homes a cosy sanctuary. Rugs, coffee tables, headboards, and even kitchen islands and sinks are taking on lozenge or circular shapes, which reflect an affinity with less rigid natural forms.

In terms of textile design, this is reflected in the trend for rounded abstract motifs, nature-inspired prints, and scalloped edges.

Modern Arts and Crafts décor

The mood of nostalgia that has gripped the design world for the last couple of years continues to endure and evolve. House and Garden reports that one of the biggest trends this spring is the contemporary Arts and Craft movement. This is reflected in English country garden style prints and fabrics, and hand made furniture.

The aesthetic conjures up a feeling of warmth and welcome; perhaps as a tonic against the uncertain times we are living in. The traditional colour palette combines earthy shades, and rich deep reds, greens and blues. However, for those who prefer a more contemporary twist, designers are bringing in more abstract designs in neutral shades.

Bathrooms as spas

The self-care phenomenon continues to thrive in 2022, as we are more mindful of our health and wellbeing than ever before. This has changed the way we use our homes, whether it is to carve out space for exercise, hobbies, meditation, or simply pampering ourselves.

All this has changed bathroom styles quite dramatically, from sleek and functional to places which have a more luxurious and friendly feel. As with other areas of the home, nature has a big influence on the look of a modern bathroom, with indoor plants and botanical wallpapers growing in popularity.

The key is to summon up a timeless aura while having some contemporary touches, such as bright eye-catching bathroom accessories. If you wanted to take it a step further, check out the Japandi trend. This is an ingenious combination of Scandi minimalism and exotic eastern flavours. The bathroom of 2022 has the feel of an interesting high-end spa.

Sanctuary bedrooms

Following on from the bathroom as spa trend, our bedrooms are now havens from the outside world as never before. We may have to work in our kitchens or living areas, but the bedroom is now celebrated as a sanctuary. This means installing good quality blackout curtains for a peaceful night’s sleep, and getting rid of clutter.

Colour schemes are soft and soothing, and statement bedding and cushions put the finishing touches on a comfortable and inviting place.

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