5 Tips To Keep Cosy At Home During Autumn

27th Sep 2021
5 Tips To Keep Cosy At Home During Autumn

Autumn in the UK is a favourite season for many people, as England’s green and pleasant land turns a vibrant mix of autumnal shades and hues.

It’s also a time of year when we reassess our interiors, as summer comes to an end and the cooler, darker nights set in. Many of us will look at the latest interior design trends, looking to bring that sense of autumn into the home, while gearing up to keep warm and cosy throughout the colder months.

While the warmer days have not yet gone, by October, autumn will be in full swing, and we will all want our homes to feel as cosy and comfortable as possible. We have a look at some tips to help make you feel comfortable, warm, and snug this autumn and winter.

Warm And Cosy Place

The beginning of autumn is usually still quite warm in the UK, so you have plenty of time to get prepared and to welcome the opportunity to wrap up in soft blankets and throws and feel warm and happy for when icy rain hammers at the window.

When looking for soft furnishings, such as throws, cushions, and curtains, why not go for tactile textiles that have that autumnal vibe, in deep-toned colours such as cocoa, wine, and burnt orange.

You will almost certainly want to reassess your bed linen too. Away with the light, breezy bed linen in summery colours, and in with heavier duvets and blankets to ensure you keep toasty warm all night long. Luxury bed linen will last for years, and keep you comfortable and warm while you sleep.

Good Lighting

Proper lighting will help to create a healthy atmosphere around the home. You want to ensure that you have ample natural light flooding the room, so ensure you can open your curtains wide! It is a good idea to change your curtains for the changing of the season too. Heavier, darker and richly hued curtains will add to the cosy autumnal vibes, as well as keep your home warm.

Look for table and floor standing lamps to use in the evenings, to create a welcoming, warm glow around the room, instead of any harsh ceiling lighting.

Make A Daily Routine Schedule

As the darker nights draw in, and we see less natural light, it’s important to consider your mental health. By developing a daily schedule for autumn, you can achieve your goals much easier.

Even a simple schedule such as what time you get up every day, going to the gym at the same time, as well as eating, working and relaxing at scheduled times. A schedule means your time is not wasted as you already know what you are doing next.

While it might have been easier during the summer to get up at 6 am and head to the gym or go for a run, dark, cold mornings are not always conducive to getting up and exercising. But by scheduling it into your day, you’ll be prompted to look after your health.

Don’t forget to also schedule a time to do your hobbies, see friends and family, and attend social events.

Get To Know Your Hobbies

It’s important to ensure you keep yourself entertained throughout autumn and winter, so indulge in your favourite hobbies, whether that’s drawing, singing, playing or learning a musical instrument, cooking, or continuing to refine your interior design skills.

If you’re working from home, then make sure you take regular breaks to help refresh your mind, body and your mood. If the weather is good enough to get outside, then take a walk, or go for a run or a swim.

Good Food Good Mood

The colder months mean it’s time to indulge in warming comfort food. It’s the ideal time of year to enjoy hearty casseroles, warming soups, or delicious desserts such as apple or pumpkin pie. Why not try slow-cooked pork or turkey for a comforting meal for you and your family.

Nothing beats wrapping yourself up warm in your favourite blanket to settle down to a movie or TV series with a cup of hot chocolate!

Autumn is a special season for many people and a time to invest in cosy textiles for your home so you can feel warm and comfortable all through the colder months.

Furnishing your home with autumnal-themed textiles will ensure your autumn is productive, warm, and filled with colour!

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