5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy This Autumn

2nd Nov 2022
5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy This Autumn

It’s well and truly that time of year when we begin hunkering down on the settee with a cosy blanket and some hot chocolate in the evenings. Autumn is many people’s favourite season, with its crisp clear days and hint of festive fun on the horizon. Maybe we secretly enjoy the excuse to pamper ourselves with soft textures, Netflix, and comfort food!

If you are looking for some seasonal inspiration to make your home a cosy sanctuary from the autumn chill, here are a few ideas to help you out. 


Add some accent autumn colours

It is not always possible to redecorate your home to welcome in the new season, but you can make some quick and simple adjustments by changing up a few accessories. Throws, cushions, blankets, and table lamps are all easy to style in your favourite autumnal hues. 

The beauty of autumn is that it opens up a huge range of colour palettes, from slightly softened summer shades, to deep dramatic hues. The lighter tones of a garden just beginning to fade from full bloom, such as light coral, teal, mocha, cream, and pebble grey, suit those who prefer a more muted approach to colour. 

For those who love the romance of crunching through fallen leaves on a bright cold day, then the colours of turning trees are for you. Look for accessories in chestnut, russet, moss green, yellow ochre, gold, and chocolate. These will bring the feeling of nature to your living room, and add a welcome touch of warmth which will see you through to the spring. 

Autumn also has plenty to offer for those who love rich earthy tones, such as forest green, olive, blackberry, aubergine, marine blue, scarlet, dark chocolate, and antique teal. These opulent colours can truly make a room feel comforting, and they make a refreshing nod to boldness and drama, after decades of safe neutrals in interior design schemes. 

If you are more of a fan of the bright optimistic colours of spring and summer, there are also plenty of hues which cross over well and work in all seasons. For example, jade, aquamarine, spicy orange, lime, poppy, saffron, and light sand colours capture the vibrancy of nature at all times of the year. 

Emphasise layers and textures

Creating a sense of homeliness and warmth is all about adding fabrics, especially if you have wooden or tiled flooring. Soften it up with a shaggy rug which is generously sized enough to reach most of the furniture in the room. Look for cushion covers and throws in a range of textures, such as chunky knits and velvet or faux fur.

In the bedroom, contrast crisp white linen sheets with knitted blankets in warmer tones, and finish the look off with a beautiful soft bedspread. If you have blinds or light voile curtains in the bedroom, consider replacing them with some thicker heavier drapes for the colder months. This will provide more insulation and help to create that cosy vibe. 

Add some dried foliage

Dried flowers are a popular autumnal trend, and can bring the finishing touch to add contrasting height and texture to a windowsill or coffee table, and soften up hard lines. Dried pampas grass mixed with dried lavender and thistles are great low maintenance options. Set them off in a large curved vase in natural tones. 

Wreaths are another brilliant way to make a seasonal statement, and can work well whether outside to decorate your front door, or inside, to hang above a fireplace or brighten up a wall space. 

Bring in some autumn fragrances

Fragrance is an excellent way of helping to set the mood, with many gorgeous autumn scents to choose from. Treat yourself to a luxury diffuser with essential oils, in popular autumn scents such as frankincense, ginger, spiced pumpkin, amber, cinnamon, sandalwood, or bergamot, to name but a few of the many evocative smells of the season. 

Soften up the lighting

Lighting is key to creating the perfect cosy ambience to a room. Soften up any harsh LED light bulbs with warmer tones. Consider adding a few extra table or wall lamps to create an extra layer of mood lighting, or look for dimmable light switches so you can adjust the lighting levels to suit your mood. 

Nothing says autumn more than the soft glow of candlelight, so invest in some new chunky candles and t-lights to create that homely atmosphere. If you are a fan of fairy lights, it is the perfect excuse to brighten up fireplaces, window frames, and doorways. 

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