7 Simple Ideas To Update Your Home For Summer

16th May 2022
7 Simple Ideas To Update Your Home For Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and this most uplifting time of year often inspires us to make a few changes in the home. This needn’t involve a time-consuming overhaul of the entire interior décor; just a few well-chosen tweaks can really capture the mood and welcome in the new season. Here are a few summery suggestions!

1. Hang some floaty curtains

There is nothing like some pretty billowing curtains to sum up the essence of a balmy summer afternoon! Consider replacing heavy textiles, such as brocade or velvet, with some lighter voile curtains for the warmer months.

These sheer woven cotton or linen curtains will allow more natural light to filter into your home, making the most of the longer days. They are particularly suited to conservatories, orangeries, and sun rooms, where you want to sit and enjoy the view. The floaty fabric will soften the hard expanse of the glass, without being too obtrusive.

When choosing this type of curtain, bear in mind that wave headers or slot tops work well for larger windows, and eyelet headers provide a softer and less structured look. You could also add a decorative curtain swag, in either a matching or contrasting colour, to cover the curtain pole.

If you are uncertain what colour to go for, then simply match the hue to the colour of your window frames. For example, natural wood is best complemented by creamy tones, while white curtains look best with white frames. For the more adventurous tastes, this type of curtain is available in a wide range of styles and patterns.

2. Refresh the colour scheme

Summer is the time for bold cheerful colours such as yellow and green, which bring warmth and joy to any room. You could choose to paint a feature wall, or just add some splashes of colour here and there with bright patterned cushions or throws. It is amazing how positive and energised a vibrant colour scheme can make you feel on slow mornings!

If bright colours are really not for you, then soft dusky pinks are another popular alternative this year. They look surprisingly good when matched with some pops of green here and there. Of course, a classic brilliant white interior will always look its best at this time of year, especially when it is set off with some interesting textiles or wall art.

3. Bring nature inside

The trend for blending the outdoors and indoors is not going anywhere fast this year! If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory or garden room, then you might consider laying a natural stone floor, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This means that when the doors are open, the room leads seamlessly onto the patio area.

Simply adding some floral and botanical prints can bring some life and interest into your home for the warmer months. Bold floral wallpapers and tropical prints are still on trend this year, and not just for living rooms and bedrooms! Modern wallcoverings are now very durable and water-resistant, and can be hung in kitchens and bathrooms.

Busy patterns work best in larger spaces. If you want to introduce them to a smaller room, it is best to choose a feature wall, such as behind the headboard in the bedroom, or the fireplace wall. There is no need to go for a traditional chintzy look if this is not for you; abstract or geometric designs which are influenced by nature can look very striking.

There is no need to make disruptive or expensive changes to add some touches of nature to your home, of course. Simply adding some wall art which will inspire you to think of long sunny days outside can do the trick! Another easy way to liven up a room is to add a selection of indoor plants.

4. Invest in natural fibres for the bedroom

On warm summer nights, sleeping on breathable natural fibres such as cotton or linen can mean the difference between a good rest, and a long night when you just can’t get comfortable. Good quality bed linen will help you to naturally regulate your body temperature at night, and will also bring a touch of class and sophistication to the room.

5. Add some woven furnishings

Some rattan chairs, set off with colourful tasselled cushions, can add that relaxed continental boho vibe to a room, without involving too much effort. Wicker baskets and textured rugs in soft natural hues help to finish off the look. Add a few accessories in rich earthy tones, such as amber and indigo, to prevent the colour scheme from being too drab.

6. Have a deep clean

Summer is all about making your home feel light, bright, and sparkling. Get the windows squeaky clean, both inside and out. Even if they look OK at first glance, you will probably be surprised at what a difference a thorough clean will make to the look and feel of a home.

If your home lacks much natural light, try placing mirrors opposite windows to help bounce more light around the room. If you have any large items of furniture which partially block the windows, consider having a move around, or replace them with smaller items.

Summer is also a great time to have a good decluttering session. Break it down into smaller tasks over a number of days if the thought of getting started is a bit too overwhelming. Tackle one room at a time, or even just a section of a room, such as the wardrobe. Tidy clear spaces are known to help boost mental wellbeing.

7. Add some fresh summery scents

Once your home is feeling lovely and fresh and clean, put the cherry on the icing with some uplifting fragrances. Citrus infused oils such as lemon and orange work perfectly at this time of year. Alternatively, pick scents that will remind you of the ocean breeze, such as sandalwood and amber.