A Quick Guide To The Grandmillennial Decor Trend

18th May 2023
A Quick Guide To The Grandmillennial Decor Trend

One of the most interesting home decor trends to emerge in recent years is the grandmillennial style. It’s a way of fusing the best of traditional and contemporary designs, so that you have the best of both worlds. Here’s a closer look at what the trend is all about and how to achieve it. 

What does grandmillennial mean?

The term is used to describe a marriage of the ‘granny chic’ trend with the more contemporary sensibilities of the millennial generation, who are aged between 27 and 42 years old, and at the peak age for setting up home. 

The so-called ‘grannycore’ aesthetic really took hold during the pandemic lockdowns, when we were spending a lot of time at home and were deprived from the usual social occasions to see family and friends. It was driven by a nostalgia for past times, to recreate the cosiness and security of our grandparents’ homes.

It involved retro ornaments, needlepoint cushions, chintz curtains and bringing out the best china for Sunday night tea…you get the picture. Comforting eiderdowns teamed with patchwork woollen blankets, and heirloom pieces of furniture. 

Some of the motivation was also driven by greater awareness of environmental issues, as reusing and refurbishing household goods has become more mainstream as a way of reducing our carbon footprint and living more sustainably. 

The grandmillennial trend cherrypicks the best of granny chic, and updates it with a modern twist. It’s ideal for those who are tired of the relentless tide of minimalist grey and beige interiors of the past decade, but want to avoid some of the more kitsch tendencies of the past.

How to get the grandmillennial look in your home

Embrace patterns and colours

This look makes use of patterns and colour to bring life and interest to a room. Floral curtains and bedding can be a great way to do this, as they involve less commitment and expense than opting for floral wallpaper or sofas. There’s plenty of choice as floral textiles are really having a fashion moment right now.

Anything goes, from traditional chintz that your grandma would love, to more dramatic gothic florals with moody colour schemes. If florals are really not for you, then you could consider a botanical or abstract print. 

In terms of colour, this style definitely avoids the neutral. It embraces uplifting shades of blue, fern green, and dusky pink, and it is not afraid to layer or even deliberately clash colour and pattern to create depth and interest. 

Mix vintage furniture with contemporary wall art

Vintage or upcycled pieces of furniture in dark wood can be offset with modern artwork or sculpture. The key is to create a home that is personal to you and breaks free from the bland cookie cutter mould that has dominated the interior design scene for so long. 

The other key elements of this trend include fabrics with tassels and trims, pleated lampshades, and used warm woods and wicker to create a sense of cosiness.

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