10 Home Decoration Ideas That Won't Cost The Earth

11th Jun 2021
10 Home Decoration Ideas That Won't Cost The Earth

With indoor socialising back on the cards, you may be thinking about making some changes in your home to give it a refresh and a new lease of life. And after being stuck indoors for most of the past year, you’re probably ready for a change too!

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on renovations, then there are many ways to upgrade your interiors, implementing the latest trends such as abstract art. We have some tips for you!

1. Switch to lightweight textiles

Winter is gone, and the need for heavy and dark textiles has gone with it. Now is the time to invest in some lighter weight textiles.

This can be done by changing your throws, cushions and bed linen to fresher fabrics such as linen or bamboo. Switch out heavy winter curtains to sheer fabrics to allow more light in and for air to circulate.

2. Bring in natural pieces

Switching out home accessories is another cheap and cheerful way of bringing a change to a room, and introducing fresh summer vibes. Look for accessories made from natural materials and fibres, such as wicker, rattan, linen, jute, and light wood.

3. Mirror magic

Well-positioned mirrors can instantly make a room feel brighter and larger. If your room doesn’t have a wall-mounted mirror, then it’s a must-have accessory.

For added light, hang your mirror directly opposite the window. The room will feel much bigger and spacious if you do. Or if you have a console table in the hallway, add a mirror above it. For a bit of creativity, group various mirrors together on one wall.

4. Freshen things up with flowers and plants

Vases full of summer blooms will instantly enhance a room with their bright colours and lovely scent. If you’ve been working on your garden over the past year, you may even have some of your own to bring into the house. Biophilia is still a strong trend, so don’t neglect the power of bringing plants into the home.

5. Update your doorknobs

From fitted kitchen cabinets to wardrobes and chests of drawers, it is easy to give them a new lease of life by simply adding new handles and hardware.

If you don’t have any handles to replace, then try replacing hardware like white plastic sockets and switches with trendier versions in brass or black, instead.

6. Hang up your pictures

If you have a pile of prints and paintings that are gathering dust, then now is the time to get any framed if they need and get them hung on the walls. An assortment of artwork in different mediums can make can stunning accent wall.

When you plan your gallery wall, lay the items you wish to hang on the floor and figure out what works best where. If the frames don’t match it doesn’t matter, as the eclectic mix of styles will add to the style. Think about mixing an antique oil painting with a pair of contemporary prints, a set of watercolours and a textile.

7. Light it up

Simply changing a ceiling light or a lampshade can transform a room, showing that lighting can be a relatively inexpensive way of livening up a room.

Use shades with designs in pastel palettes, natural materials such as rattan or bamboo, and tropical motifs are trending heavily at the moment. New shades on ceiling lights will help shift the feel of the room, especially when paired with mating accessories such as a pastel throw.

8. Move your furniture around

The most inexpensive tip of all is to simply rearrange your furniture and work with what you’ve got. Even a small shift in position can make a huge difference in how you use the room. Moving furniture away from walls will also create a flow of movement that will transform the space.

9. Play with colour

Painting a wall, or old furniture or home accessories that need a new lease of life, experimenting with colour can bring a fresh yet daring approach to your interiors. Don’t be afraid to use bold colour choices, such as blending pistachio with soft pink, turquoise, lilac and yellow sorbet.

10. Change up those curtains (and cushions)

Replacing cushions and/or curtains is a great way to update a room you’re bored of looking at. Curtains can change the feel of a space, particularly if you introduce colour or pattern. By changing up your window treatments, you’re able to inject some personality into a room, without having to overhaul the entire décor and blowing the budget.

Look for patterns that complement the existing décor, whilst choosing something new that will make an impact.

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