What Will The Biggest Colour Trends Be In 2023?

21st Feb 2023
What Will The Biggest Colour Trends Be In 2023?

As the first hints of spring are in the air, many of us feel inspired to refresh our homes with a new lick of paint, soft furnishings, or a change of wallpaper. The colours that we surround ourselves with in our day to day lives can have a surprising amount of influence on our moods, so it is important to spend some time choosing colours that will bring us happiness.

Here’s a look at the relationship between colour and our emotions, and how this relates to the latest interior design trends. 

The basics of colour psychology

Colour theory is a relatively new area of study, as Very Well Mind points out. However, the research that has been done indicates that certain colours evoke universal responses in humans. For example, red is associated with excitement, passion, and creativity, while blue is considered to be peaceful and cerebral. 

When picking a colour scheme for your room, it can be a good idea to consider what activity you will be carrying out there, and what atmosphere you would like to create. Warm colours such as red and orange are seen as energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. 

Therefore, they may work well in places in the home where you socialise with others the most, or carry out creative activities such as a living room, kitchen, or crafts room.

Green and blue are most strongly associated with calm, and they can also be hopeful and optimistic colours. These soothing and restorative colours work well in bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. Yellow is seen as the happiest and most optimistic colour, and it can work well in most areas of the home, especially living rooms and kitchens.

Pinks and softer purples such as mauve and lavender are associated with gentleness and kindness, and can work well in bedrooms and nurseries. Warmer pinks are welcoming and inspiring, so they may suit a living room or office. 

Stronger colours such as dark purple and black are seen as dramatic and bold, and are best used as an accent colour to avoid overwhelming the room. Meanwhile, relatively neutral colours such as variations of white and grey can be elegant and sophisticated, and are unobtrusive enough to work in any area.

The latest colour trends for 2023

The focus for this year is all about creating a home that feels personal and comforting, rather than any dominant colour choices. That said, there is a general shift away from the cooler neutral tones of white, beige, and grey that have dominated the interior landscape for so long.

Ideal Homes predicts that bold and bright colours, such as inky blues and reds with strong pink undertones will be popular choices, as will dusky pinks and warm orange tones. Neutral shades are not going away entirely, but they will tend to be on the warmer and richer side, such as mink and caramel, particularly for kitchens and bathrooms.

Gloss finishes and colour blocking to highlight different areas in the same room will be another strong trend this year. 

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