How To Add Some Antique Touches To Your Home

20th Jul 2022
How To Add Some Antique Touches To Your Home

Decorating homes with antique pieces has become very popular over the last few years. After a decade that has seen modern minimalist aesthetics dominate interior design, there is now an interest in adding more unique character and personality to our interior spaces. Here are some tips to add a touch of vintage to your home.

Don’t be afraid to mix old and new

There is no need to completely overhaul a room in one particular style. In fact, this could look too overwhelming, unless you have a period property that is already consistently decorated in one particular style.

A few touches here and there can simply add depth and flavour to a room, rather like adding herbs and spices to a dish. For example, a vintage mirror or rug can complement modern furniture. Even smaller details, such as a vase here or a table lamp there, can really make a difference to the feel of a room.

If you have a period home that has been modernised inside, it could be well worth checking if any of the original fireplaces have been boarded over. A decorative vintage or reclaimed Edwardian or Victorian fireplace can make a perfect focal point to a room, and set off a more modern décor scheme. 

Check your loft for family heirlooms

In the era of neutral minimalism, many wonderful vintage pieces that have been inherited from parents or grandparents have been sadly confined to the loft. However, as people are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to furnish their homes, second hand pieces are now being used to add a sense of history to a home.

If you make a lucky find in the attic or even at a car boot sale, but it is a little worse for wear, don’t dismiss the idea of using it. With some TLC, it may well be a hidden gem. Chairs can be reupholstered in modern fabrics, and wooden furniture can be brought back to life by an expert furniture restorer.

 If a piece of furniture has stood the test of time, that’s a sign that it’s of a high quality, add it’s worth investing in some refurbishment. However, if a piece doesn’t have a high market value, but you love it anyway, you should go ahead and use it. After all, it’s your home, and it should reflect your unique tastes and interests.

Beware of mixing too many styles at once

While it is fine to mix styles from two or three different eras, avoid creating an uncomfortable mish mash in one room. For example, if you have some mid-century modernist pieces alongside contemporary furniture, then consider how well this will sit with an ornamental fireplace from the Edwardian era, or a Victorian dresser.

Keep it liveable

Remember that you are not trying to recreate a film set in your home, or even copy a photograph from an interior design magazine. In the end, your home is a functional space, and the design should enhance this, not hinder it.

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