How To Add Some Royal Style To Your Home

20th May 2023
How To Add Some Royal Style To Your Home

There is no need to compromise on style or comfort if you want to make more sustainable choices.

Most of us now make a conscious effort to recycle packaging and old clothes, and we may be more careful in our consumer choices, or cycle to work instead of driving. As the growing awareness of our responsibility to the planet and future generations grows, it is more imperative than ever that we all ask ourselves how we can play our part. 

It might seem small and insignificant when faced with the scale of the challenges which lie ahead, but every small step we take towards more sustainable choices adds up to a collective sea change. One of the best places to start is with what is right in front of us in the home. 

There is no need to compromise on style or comfort if you want to make more sustainable choices. In fact, avoiding the ‘fast fashion’ approach to home décor which has taken hold over the past few decades can lead you to a style which is much more personal and unique, not to mention of a more enduring quality. Here are some ideas!

Upcycle old furniture

When a piece of furniture is looking tired, consider whether you could have it reupholstered instead of replacing it. A coat of chalk paint can instantly transform an old item of wooden furniture, and is so easy to apply, it can be done in just an hour or two. You will then have a truly individual and unique piece of furniture in your home. 

If you don’t have the time or inclination to upcycle yourself, look around for items made from reclaimed or repurposed materials to buy.

Source vintage items

Instead of always buying new furniture, consider whether you could source second hand or vintage items. There are loads of ways to do this quickly and easily, such as online auction sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Etsy also has a growing vintage section, and is a great place to pick up handmade and custom items.

Check out where materials are sourced from

If you do buy new pieces, check out where the manufacturer sources their materials from. Some of the most sustainable woods include bamboo, white ash, oak, mahogany, and maple.

Always buy high quality textiles

When it comes to purchasing household linen, such as throws, blankets, bedding and towels, buy the best you can afford, as cheap and cheerful textiles don’t last, and are less easy to recycle than those made from responsibly sourced natural fibres. 

For items such as quilts and pillows, look for eco-friendly ranges which are made from recycled polyester blends.

Textiles made from natural materials, such as cotton, wool, and bamboo fibre, not only last longer, but they are biodegradable, unlike synthetic materials, which may take centuries to biodegrade, or release harmful chemicals and plastics into the environment. 

Finally, spend some time choosing colours and designs that you genuinely love, rather than fashionable styles which may be discarded as soon as a new trend comes along. 

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