How To Style Your Bed Like The Professionals

11th May 2023
How To Style Your Bed Like The Professionals

An attractively styled bed is one of those little luxuries in life that can go a long way. Whether you want to dress a bed for a photoshoot, guests, or simply to create a welcoming and pleasant environment for your master bedroom, here are some top tips.

Make sure that the bed is comfortable

No matter how inviting the bed looks, the effect will be ruined if it is not actually a comfortable place to be. A mattress that is soggy or too firm can really affect the quality of your sleep, and even lead to musculoskeletal problems. Considering that we spend about one third of our lives asleep, investing in a decent mattress makes sense.

The bed linen is also important. Buy the best quality you can afford, with natural fibres and a high thread count for the greatest comfort levels. Natural materials feel softer against the skin and help to regulate the body temperature during the night, meaning that you are less likely to wake up because you are too hot or too cold. 

Make the bed with care

When making the bed, smooth the sheet as tautly as possible to avoid any unsightly wrinkles. Fitted sheets are quicker and easier to put on, but flat sheets can work just as well once you have mastered the hospital corner. The duvet should be well fluffed up in advance and pulled right into the corners of the duvet cover to avoid any lumpiness. 

Style your pillows

The pillows should be plumped up and then fitted into each corner of the pillow case. If you are really keen to emulate that five-star hotel aesthetic, choose Oxford pillow cases (with a wide stitched hem), and starch the hem to create extra height and depth to the pillow. Most stylists recommend placing the pillows on top of the duvet rather than tucking them in.

For a professional finish, layer two large square (or European) pillows closest to the headboard, and place two standard or Oxford pillows in front. Then add two or three pillow shams or cushions as a final layer. Choose colour or design elements that complement your bedding or the decor of the room.  

Create texture and interest with a bedspread

Bedspreads have a practical function, creating an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights. They are also an opportunity to add to the design element of the bed.  The colour and pattern shouldn’t be too much of a jarring contrast with your bedding, but adding an element of texture, such as a boucle weave or an embroidery finish can be a good way to create interest. 

Fold the bedspread half way back to allow some of the duvet cover to show. For a more informal and lived-in look, add a throw that is casually draped over the foot of the bed. 

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches, with a curated bedside table containing a lamp and a vase or flowers or a framed photograph. 

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