Key Living Room Trends For 2023

21st Mar 2023
Key Living Room Trends For 2023

The living room is the heart of the home, and it is important to make sure that it is both a comfortable and pleasant place to spend time. It is often a multi-purpose space, where the family gathers to relax and watch TV, but where we also entertain guests and maybe even work from home. 

Here’s a look at some of the latest living room trends for this year.

More personal and unique touches

There will be a return to the living room as a more personal and homely space this year, according to Ideal Home. After years of highly curated interiors that have been designed to impress on Instagram rather than to feel like true living spaces, it seems as though there is an appetite to reclaim the style of the living room to suit our own individual needs. 

That may be with some small touches such as adding cosy blankets and throws, or digging out that family heirloom that has been gathering dust in the loft. 

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, told the publication: 'In 2023, our living rooms are going to be places in our homes where we can properly live. Although the living room has always been a favourite space, it had in recent years become more of a showcase to impress friends and family than a place in which we could be our true selves. 

She added: ‘Over a tumultuous few years of change that has seen our homes working harder than ever, the living room is transforming into a place in which we can express who we really are and how we really want to feel.'  

'It will become a gallery of our lives filled with rich storytelling and comfortable, comforting furniture and accessories - that most importantly doesn’t look like anyone else’s living room.'

Display cabinets and shelves

The trend for minimalist living rooms with few signs of the owner’s personal tastes and lifestyle is giving way to more interesting curated displays that tell stories and evoke memories, according to Ideal Home.

The trend takes inspiration from the Victorian era, when it was fashionable to display ornaments and keepsakes on sideboards and in curiosity cabinets. It’s a fun and easy way to update your home without going through a time consuming redecoration process.

Bolder colour schemes

It seems that we have finally reached a saturation point with bland grey and white interiors. According to House Beautiful, blue is the on-trend colour for this year. Traditionally regarded as a cold colour that was not suitable for living rooms and kitchens, the new paint colours are proving that blue can be both dramatic and cosy as well as calming.

It is a colour that offers plenty of scope, from deep navy to soothing soft grey-blue, bold energising shades of electric blue, or rich green tinted hues. Blue also looks stunning with complementary shades in orange and yellow as an accent colour to give a touch of brightness to the room. 

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