Living Room Curtain Ideas To Dress Windows With Style

5th Nov 2021
Living Room Curtain Ideas To Dress Windows With Style

If the arrival of autumn has you reconsidering your window treatments for your living room, your first thoughts should be the size and style of your windows. Whether a traditional bay window, a modern picture window, or classic French doors, you will want a window treatment that will complement the design.

The next step is to consider the design and colour palette for your living room curtains. Selecting a pattern or colour for your curtains can be overwhelming, but it need not be. If you’re looking for patterned curtains, then choose a pattern you love.

It may be an idea to keep the colour palette of the pattern to just one or two colours so that it doesn’t become the dominant feature of your interior design, so you can make other changes in the room, without having to change your window treatments.

Living room curtain ideas

There is no simple solution to determine the longevity of your curtains, blinds, or shutters, as it largely depends on your interior and the style of the home as to what will suit the room best.

The best advice is to listen to your gut instinct and choose what you like, not what you think other people would like. Trends can be a good guide, but trends come and go, so choose what makes you feel happy.

1. Combine curtains and blinds for an elegant look

Combining curtains and blinds at one window can work, but it may depend on your budget. If there are multiple windows in the room, then keep the look consistent and dress each window the same.

2. Create the illusion of width at narrow windows

Tall and narrow windows can be made to feel wider by fitting a curtain pole that is wider than the window, extending further on each side. It will allow you to draw the curtains to the very edge of the window frame, which can create the illusion of width and maximise the amount of light then comes into the room.

3. Highlight a beautiful bay

You can highlight an elegant bay window in a period property by combining bold floral curtains with plain roman blinds. Gray blinds can help enhance the colours of the floral pattern, and having individual curtains can accentuate the angles of the bay.

4. Match wall and curtain colour

For smaller rooms, you can create a sense of space and uniformity by matching curtains to the wall colour. By playing with contrasts, you can create a sense of drama and provide a focal point to the room.

5. Choose textured weaves for a cosy feel

To help create a warmer feeling for the winter months, choose a combination of curtains and blinds at windows, mixing and matching fabrics and colours with subtle woven stripes and a tone-on-tone damask in rich shades of navy and gold, for instance.

6. Keep out the chill with lined window coverings

As well as creating aesthetic warmth, you‘ll also want to keep the chill out during winter. Lining can give curtains and blinds a more luxurious feel, and can also help block light from entering the room.

7. Show off a bright pattern

Curtains are a brilliant way of bringing colour and texture to a room scheme, keeping things interesting. If you love colour, then pick out a matching or complementary colour from your existing décor, perhaps from an armchair, footstool or rug, mirroring this in your curtain colour and accent accessories.

8. Combine sheers with patterned curtains

If the living room window overlooks a public area, then you may want a permanent or semi-permanent screen to provide privacy from passers-by. Who among us hasn’t felt the instinct to look in a brightly lit window when walking past?

For a bay window, you may need to treat each section of the window individually with a sheer roller blind at each.

How do you choose the right window dressing for your room?

To get the right curtains, you need to consider the style of your living room, as well as the mood you are aiming to create. Carefully think about the fabric options and colour choices that will suit the room best.

Next consider the practicalities, such as the number of windows, any problem areas, and how much natural light the room gets. You will also need to think about insulation for the colder winter months.

What is new in living room curtains?

From lush palm prints to exotic florals to bold abstract designs, to even calming nature-inspired greenery and foliage, patterned fabrics are in. Statement prints easily add a ‘wow’ factor to the window and can become a focal point.

Matching walls and curtains is another popular look, whether tone on tone with plain curtains and paint in the same shade, or pattern on pattern with matching curtains and wallpaper. The effect is to create a seamless look with windows and walls merging as one.

As for textiles, velvet is back in fashion, seen in lush and plush rich drapes in jewel colours to complement velvet upholstery. It is ideal for winter, as the heavyweight material blocks light, deadens noise, and can provide excellent insulation against the elements.

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