Spotlight On: Orla Kiely

20th Mar 2022
Spotlight On: Orla Kiely

There’s nothing more exciting than redecorating and finding new interior designers whose style and aesthetic you really love. If you’re currently searching for inspiration where your interiors are concerned, what about taking a little peek at what Orla Kiely has been up to recently, one of the most enduringly popular designers of them all!

The brand itself has been dazzling us all with beautiful colours and interesting patterns since 1995, which is testament to how timeless Orla’s designs actually are. 

You’re sure to recognise Stem, the very simple yet very striking graphic leaf that was first designed back in 2000 and has since gone on to become the brand icon… certainly one of the most recognisable prints of contemporary design!

In terms of inspiration, mid-century modern design concepts and ideas crop up everywhere in Orla’s work, as do references to 1960s popular culture - which, we can all agree, makes for incredibly attractive, cheerful and interesting looks indeed.

Nature is another place where Orla draws her ideas from and with biophilia looking to be a lasting interiors trend right now, you could hit all sorts of nails on the head at once!

Orla’s work is also marked by some beautiful and intriguing colour combinations, which really make her patterns stand out - so if you’re planning to go big and bold with your interiors this year and are wondering what kind of colour palette to go for, you’re sure to come away with all sorts of great ideas if you start an Orla Kiely moodboard.

How to get the Orla Kiely look

One of the easiest and quickest ways to channel your inner Orla is to sort yourself out with some luxury ready made curtains in your favourite Orla pattern.

Floor to ceiling curtains in an Orla print would be absolutely stunning and make any room come to life in an instant. If you want to make an immediate impact at home, this would certainly be an excellent way to go about it!

Because Orla Kiely homeware products come in a variety of different forms, you could also consider starting off small if you’re not sure how her patterns and colours will tie in with the rest of your home decor.

Instead of going all out immediately with huge new curtains, what about bringing in something smaller, like a footstool or an accent chair? That way you can get a feel for it to see if it’s the right look for you, before you go big and bold.

Those of you in smaller living spaces shouldn’t be put off from bringing lots of pattern into your home, incidentally. Interestingly enough, oversize patterns can actually make smaller rooms look bigger - so you could reap all sorts of design benefits if you decide that Orla Kiely is right for you and your home.