The Rise Of The Outroom Trend in the UK

2nd Jun 2023
The Rise Of The Outroom Trend in the UK

As we experience hotter and drier summers here in the UK, there has been an increasing trend for ‘outrooms.’ Billed as an easy and affordable way to add space and value to your home, they are an area between the main house and the garden accessed by sliding or bi-fold doors. 

Here’s a look at what an outroom is used for and how to style one. 

The outroom can either be created by building an extension to the main house, or by converting an existing room with the addition of floor-to-ceiling bi-folding or sliding doors and larger windows. This creates a space that feels close to the outdoors and is flooded with natural light, but can also be made cosy in the winter with curtains, rugs, and cushions. 

The outroom differs from a conservatory because it has a traditional roof, meaning that it is easier to keep warm in winter and doesn’t overheat during hotter weather. This makes it more comfortable and versatile. Instead of being furnished with wicker or wooden furniture, the outroom features plush sofas and armchairs.

While the trend for conservatories boomed during the 2000s, the disadvantages of having an energy inefficient and draughty room during the colder months are now all too apparent as fuel bills have soared. This is Money reports that the number of conservatories being built has declined by 84% since 2006.

In fact, a poorly insulated conservatory could devalue a home by as much as £15,000, according to the publication. On the other hand, a pitched or flat roof extension to create an outroom, or the conversion of an existing room, could add as much as 6% to the value of your home, according to one property market expert. 

Founder and CEO of Emoov, Russell Quirk, told Country Living: "A combination of unaffordability and uncertain market conditions has seen an increase in the number of people building up, down and out, rather than upsizing to a new property," 

“While basements and loft conversions are an obvious way to add value and space to your property, they can be expensive, so extending into a garden space can also help boost your property potential, creating a stylish living space in the process," he says.

“Living space commands a greater premium than bedroom space and using cost-effective tips such as bi-folding doors to create an outroom is an affordable way to add value to your home. While it is unlikely to push you into a higher price bracket, it can help you stand out from the crowd and if done correctly, could add up to 6% to your property’s value."

When styling an out room, the key is to emphasise comfort while also keeping strong connections to nature. The space should be inviting at any time of the year, with comfortable chairs, an uplifting colour scheme, and indoor plants.

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