Tips For Styling Your Home With Throws And Blankets

25th Oct 2022
Tips For Styling Your Home With Throws And Blankets

There’s an autumnal freshness in the air, and the new season is the perfect opportunity to inject some fresh style into our homes. One way of instantly making a room feel cosy and more welcoming is to update it with a few throws and blankets. This is a great way of adding extra layers of colour and texture, without the upheaval of redecorating. 

Of course, they also have a practical use, for curling up on the settee with as you watch TV, which can save you from turning the heating up a couple more notches. Great news in these days of soaring energy bills. 

A warm comfy blanket is also essential to have on standby in the bedroom for those chilly winter nights, when your duvet isn’t keeping you warm enough. Here are a few ideas for styling a throw or blanket, so that it adds a touch of charm and sophistication to your home, as well as bringing some welcome winter warmth. 

In the living room

The precision fold

For those who like the chic minimalist look, the precisely folded blanket fits the bill. Start by neatly folding the blanket lengthways into thirds, taking care to match it corner to corner. Pull it straight to flatten out any wrinkles, and then drape it over the back of the settee, tucking it behind the cushion to keep it in place.

Allow the rest of the blanket to drape over the seat, and any tassels to hang neatly over the edge of the seat cushion. You can position it either in the centre of the settee, or to one side, so that it just covers one set of cushions. Smooth out any wrinkles, and avoid burying it with scatter cushions, to keep the look clean and minimal. 

Alternatively, you can fold the throw as previously described into neat lengthways thirds, and then fold it in half again. The shorter length allows you to drape it over one arm of the settee, with the tassels pointing downwards.

The relaxed drape

If your home has a more laid-back, country cottage vibe going on, then a more casual drape might suit the room better. However, this doesn’t mean leaving the blanket in a tangled heap on the settee.

Instead, loosely fold it in half lengthways, and let it drape over one corner of the settee, so that in hangs over one arm, with the fringe just casually brushing the floor. You might need to pinch it in, or spread it out in places, depending on the size of the blanket. 

The footman

If you have a footstool, or a chaise longue, then a stylish throw draped over one corner looks welcoming and elegant. Simply fold up the throw into tidy lengthwise quarters, and place it neatly over the corner of the footstool. This allows you to show off the colour and texture of the throw, and it is all ready to use when you put your feet up in front of the TV. 

The complete restyle

Of course, if you have an old chair or sofa which no longer fits in with the décor of the room, you can use the whole throw to cover the chair completely. This transforms the colour, or hides a dated pattern, without going to the expense of replacing the chair. It’s a great idea if you like to repaint the colour of the room on a seasonal basis, for example. 

You could also use colour to play up contrasts, especially if the room is on the bland side. For example, if you have a grey settee, you could add a pop of colour and warmth with a bright orange throw. 

In the bedroom

The throw or blanket is a bedroom essential, to add visual interest, as well as extra warmth in the colder months. As with the living room, you can arrange your throw in smooth clean lines, or in a deliberately tousled manner. If you don’t want to use the throw while you are in bed, you could drape it over the edge of a decorative basket, or a free-standing mirror. 

Layer it up

To really play with the different textures and colours, you could layer up multiple throws on the bed. This can create a nice contrast between a cosy knitted blanket in a warm colour, and a soft velour blanket, for example. It adds a touch of indulgence and luxury to the room, and looks wonderfully tactile and inviting.

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