Tips To Help Your Home Feel Warm This Winter

30th Nov 2022
Tips To Help Your Home Feel Warm This Winter

Households in the UK are feeling the pinch this winter, as energy prices have soared over the past 18 months. Many people are looking into ways to make their homes more energy efficient, so that they can help to save on energy bills. This doesn’t always mean making a big investment, as there are plenty of small things you can try as well.

Add blankets and throws to chairs

Make sure that all of your arm chairs and sofas have cosy blankets and throws draped invitingly over the arms, to encourage family members and guests to snuggle up when watching TV or chatting. This can allow you to keep warm while turning the heating down lower, or even turning it off on milder days. 

Layering up throws can add extra touches of colour and texture to your room as well. Choose hues which pick out the accent colours of the room, and a variety of fabrics, such as woven cotton, chunky knits, lush velvets, and soft fleeces. Complete the look with a generous number of plump cushions to keep everyone cosy and comfortable. 

Close the curtains as soon as it starts to go dark

About 20% of a home’s heat is lost through windows, and this means that when the heat is on, you should close blinds or curtains straight away. Even double-glazed windows contribute to heat loss once the daylight begins to fade. Also remember to keep internal doors closed to help retain heat in the room.

Investing in some good quality thermal curtains can really make a big difference to the room temperature, if you currently have thin or unlined curtains. Make sure that they are fully closed with no gapping, and if the window is above a radiator, tuck the curtains onto the sill to prevent heat escaping underneath the curtains.

Invest in thermal clothing

Thermals are no longer just grandparent territory! Thermal long-sleeved vests and leggings can really help you to keep feeling warm, even when the heating is off. This is especially useful if you work from home, and feel the chill when you are sat at your desk all day. Team them with thick knitted jumpers and socks to keep you feeling toasty all day long. 

Invest in an electric blanket

If you tend to get cold at night, an electric blanket which is timed to stay on for an hour or two as you fall asleep can be a much cheaper option than keeping the heating on all night. Team them with some fleece pyjamas and a hot water bottle, and you will be warm and snug for hours to come.

Check doors and windows for draughts

Doors and windows, particularly on older properties, are often the source of draughts. You may not realise the impact of this, if the wind isn’t obviously whistling around the room. However, even very small gaps can create a constant damp chill which you may only notice on close inspection.

Draught proofing is a very cheap, effective and easy way to keep your home warmer and save on energy bills. Simply using draught excluders at the bottom of external doors can make a big difference to the overall temperature of a room, allowing you to turn the heating down lower, or have it on for less time.

Make sure that your letter box has a cover on both the internal and external side, and a brush fitted. Keyholes can be covered with a moveable metal disc. If the door has gaps around the edges, fit insulating strips, which are made of foam or brush. If you have internal doors to an unheated room, such as a porch or utility room, draught proof this door too.

Draught proofing strips can also be fitted around window frames. If you have an open fire place which you don’t use, check that the chimney is fitted with a draught excluder. These can be fitted inside the chimney, or over the chimney pot. Fill up any gaps between the floorboards and the skirting board with decorator’s caulk or a silicone-based filler. 

Move furniture away from external walls

The external walls of your house will be the coldest areas of the room, so if possible, make sure that all your chairs and beds are placed close to internal walls. If large pieces of furniture are blocking radiators, move them to a different position if you can, to allow the heat to circulate better around the room.  


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