Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bedding

25th May 2023
Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bedding

The right bedding is crucial to a good night’s sleep, yet there are so many choices that it can sometimes be difficult to know what would suit us best. Here’s a guide to the different types and sizes of bedding available.


There are three main types of sheet: the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, and the valance sheet. Fitted sheets have ready-sewn corners and usually elasticated sides as well, and can be fitted over the mattress. Some people prefer to use them because they are quick and easy to put on the bed.

Flat sheets are a rectangular shape without the ready made corners. They can be used to cover the mattress when tucked in, and also be used to provide an extra layer between the bottom sheet and the duvet, either for extra warmth or to keep the duvet clean. 

Some people also prefer to use flat sheets because they can be folded and stored neatly, whereas fitted sheets are difficult to fold into a regular flat shape. 

There are two main types of valance sheet: the base valance and the fitted valance. Base valance sheets go underneath the mattress, and have long sides that are intended to hide the base of the bed. It’s a sort of bed skirt that can be useful to disguise a divan base that is looking a little timeworn, or just to add another decorative feature to the bedroom. 

Fitted valance sheets go over the top of the mattress and have a frill that covers the base of the bed. For a more modern look, some valances have a single pleat at each corner and fall straight along the sides and ends of the bed. 

At one time, a valance sheet was considered old fashioned, but with the rise of ‘granny chic’ and country cottage interior design, they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. They are also a great way to disguise underbed storage boxes.


There are two main types of pillowcase: the standard or housewife pillowcase, and the Oxford pillowcase. Standard pillowcases are a plain rectangular shape and Oxford pillowcases have a fabric border. The frill makes the pillowcase look larger, and is often used in hotels to make a bed appear more attractive and welcoming.

There are also non-standard pillow cases, such as the continental, which is a larger square shape, and the sham pillow, which is a smaller pillow usually placed for decorative purposes in front of the larger pillows. 


There are several types of fabrics that are commonly used for bedding. These include polycotton, cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen, and silk. 

Polycotton is a blend of cotton and polyester, which is durable and easy to take care of, drying quickly and with few creases. Egyptian cotton is soft and strong, and is good for regulating the body temperature during the night. Linen is a highly breathable fabric and is good for people with allergies.

Silk is an extremely smooth fabric that is very comfortable and gentle on the hair and skin. 

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