Top Tips For Creating A Luxury Spa Bathroom

10th Mar 2023
Top Tips For Creating A Luxury Spa Bathroom

In 2023, we are seeing peak luxury spa bathroom, or ‘spathroom’ as it has been renamed by interior designers. The bathroom is now just as much about beautiful design as it is about functionality. There is something wonderfully indulgent about having a five-star hotel standard bathroom in your own home. 

Whether you just want to make a few tweaks or completely overhaul your bathroom, here are a few ideas.

Use natural materials

If you are going to completely remodel your bathroom, the experts advise using natural materials whenever possible. This helps to bring you closer to nature and recreates that happy serenity of the outdoors. Natural stone and marble are ideal choices from a practical point of view, because they are inherently water resistant and durable.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles with a textured finish are an attractive and affordable alternative. 

If you just want to make smaller changes, bring in a few indoor plants that are ideally suited to a humid environment, such as aloe vera, Boston fern, a spider plant, or ivy. They will look great on window ledges, ladder shelves, and in hanging baskets. Plants are a beautiful and stylish way to soften a clinical looking bathroom. 

Rethink storage space

The essence of a spa bathroom is a clutter-fee and well organised space. As the saying goes, a tidy room means a tidy mind, and this is especially important when you are using the space to wind down and relax. If you are redesigning your bathroom, consider having built in cabinets to keep all those grooming essentials out of sight.

Even if you are not making major adjustments, a good decluttering session can help you to feel good about the space, and will also make it easier to clean. It’s so easy to accumulate a host of half used cosmetics and toiletries that are well past their expiry date, or that you simply never use any more. Be brutal and get rid of what you really don’t need.

Invest in some fluffy towels

Nothing will give you that luxury hotel vibe more than simply investing in some thick fluffy towels and bathrobes. Buy the best that you can afford in sumptuous Egyptian cotton for optimum absorption and longevity. 

Choose uplifting colour schemes

While neutrals can work well for a spa bathroom, recent trends have moved towards stronger colour schemes such as blues, greens, or even pinks. Colour can affect our mood, making us feel more energised, positive, or soothed. Some people find that a harsh bright white has the opposite effect; they either find it too draining or anxiety inducing. 

Pay attention to lighting

Don’t forget about the importance of lighting. While lots of natural light is ideal, this is  not always a practical option for a bathroom. Combine overhead lighting with some softer downlighting on walls and above mirrors, to give you an ambient glow as you enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.

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