Top Tips To Make Your Living Room Feel Cosier

22nd Jan 2023
Top Tips To Make Your Living Room Feel Cosier

At this time of year, the living room is the place of choice to while away the snuggle season. We might dream of a cosy retreat which is a scene of hygge-inspired stylishness and serenity, but unfortunately, the reality is that the living room can be one of the more chaotic areas of the house.

Not everyone has the time to spend hours creating a carefully curated show home, and of course we all have different ideas about what feels comfortable. However, for many of us, a well organised and visually pleasing environment can play a part in reducing stress, and promoting a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Here are a few simple ways to help make your living room feel calmer and cosier, to strike that perfect balance between lived in and peaceful retreat.

Keep toys and games tidied away

If you have little ones, your living room floor will inevitably spend much of the time under a litter of primary coloured plastic. However, this doesn’t have to become a permanent feature of the household. Encourage your children to take their toys upstairs at the end of the day, or stow them away in an ottoman or cupboard.

The same goes for adults too—if you have a crafting hobby, such as painting or textiles, tidy them away when you are not working on them. This will help the room feel less cluttered, and help you avoid any guilt around neglected projects which the sight of a half-knitted scarf might induce!

Keep clothes and bedding for the bedroom

In winter, it is tempting to bring your best Christmas bedding downstairs to snuggle up on the sofa with. You might even have a range of fleece tops and onesies lying around for colder evenings. However, this can soon lead to a messy and uncoordinated space which can be the opposite of relaxing.

Instead, invest in some blankets and throws to keep draped over the back of chairs, or stored away neatly in decorative baskets when not in use. Choose colours which complete the décor of the room, and select a mixture of fabrics and textures for contrast, such as knitted blankets, and soft faux fur throws. 

Banish bright lights

Harsh lighting can ruin the ambience of even the most carefully thought out room arrangement. Make sure that you have a good mixture of ambient mood lighting, with floor and table lamps, and brighter task lighting for reading or crafts. Avoid bright white bulbs, and instead opt for a soft orangey glow.

Candles and fairy lights are also a perfect choice to create that hygge vibe at this time of year of course!

Use fragrance to engage the senses

Aromas have a powerful effect on our emotions, evoking memories of past times, especially at this time of year. Stock up on seasonal scents of orange, cloves, cinnamon and ginger to engage your senses and encourage relaxation. Oil diffusers and scented candles are ideal for creating a pleasant room fragrance.