What Will Be The Top Interior Trends Of 2023?

20th Dec 2022
What Will Be The Top Interior Trends Of 2023?

As we draw to the close of another eventful year, which has seen the Scandinavian and Japandi interior design styles remain popular, it is interesting to look ahead and see what 2023 will hold. Here are some predictions for how our homes might shape up over the next 12 months. 

Sustainable style will continue to flourish

The need to find ways to combat climate change becomes more urgent every year, and both designers and clients are now keen to make eco-friendly choices in their products and materials. This is reflected in much greater use of recycled materials, and materials which are sustainable and biodegradable. 

There will also be focus on the second-hand market, with used, repurposed, and upcycled pieces mixed in with more modern items of furniture. Some designers are heralding the move towards vintage and antiques as the ‘Flawsome’ trend, according to the Express. 

Designer Maryanne Cartwright explained: "We’ll see interiors that embrace the Flawsome trend, a design quality that celebrates the imperfections in previously hidden objects or artworks by restoring their beauty and giving them a new life.”

She added: "This idea that we can curate a unique identity by marrying the old with the new and re-working preloved materials, is something that we predict to see in modern interior design."

Sunset colour schemes

For people who have tired of the ubiquitous trend for neutral colour schemes, there is some hope on the horizon: according to Country Living magazine, sunset colours will be fashionable for interiors in 2023. This includes soft golds, pinks, and lavenders, and warm yellow and amber tones. 

These are positive and uplifting colours which can really make a home feel welcoming and energising space to be. The key is to look for the slightly muted sunset hues of these colours, rather than the brash technicolour variety, which can be too strident and overwhelming for living spaces. 

Unpainted natural wood furniture

The return of brown wooden furniture in its natural state is predicted for 2023, after a predominant trend toward painted furniture during the past decade. Rattan and wicker are popular choices for a natural unpretentious style, and the golden tones adds a touch of warmth to rooms with plain white walls. 

For the more adventurous, walnut and mahogany pieces are set to come back into style, as the rise of mid-century interior design trends continue. This will make a welcome change from grey and neutral pieces, and brings a timeless sense of reassurance, warmth, and interest to a room. 

Anti-modernist style

This is a take on the granny chic or cottagecore styles which have become popular over the last few years. It makes strong use of William Morris era prints and patterns for soft furnishings, with matt walls and vintage furniture. 

More modern pieces can be artfully mixed into the look, but it’s mainly about celebrating traditional arts and crafts style interiors.


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