Window Dressing Inspiration For The Whole House

10th Jun 2023
Window Dressing Inspiration For The Whole House

A well dressed window is the key to a room that looks professionally styled and has the appropriate amount of light. The needs of each window will vary depending on the location in the house, the amount of natural light, and what the room will be used for. Of course, the window dressing should also look good and complement the rest of the decor.

This can seem to be a tall order, but there’s plenty of information and inspirational material out there to help you make the right choice. Here’s a round up of some of the best ideas. 

For living rooms with bay windows

Bay windows that have multiple panels are an attractive design feature that allows plenty of natural light into the room. However, they can be a challenge to dress well. Drapes add elegance and warmth to the room, as well as contributing to the overall interior design scheme. 

To make a real statement with your bay ceiling windows, choose floor to ceiling curtains that emphasise the height of the room. Conceal the top of the curtains with a pelmet for the perfect finishing touch. Because a large expanse of fabric will be on display when the curtains are closed, it’s worth spending some time on your choice.

If the rest of the decor in the room is quite plain, then you may want to choose a pattern to add interest and a focal point to the room. On the other hand, if you already have patterned wallpaper or other features such as wall art that you want to emphasise, then a plain or slightly textured fabric might work better. 

If light control and privacy are concerns during the daytime, you may want to consider adding an extra layer with some voile curtains or venetian blinds. 

For bedroom windows

A well dressed bedroom window helps us create a peaceful sanctuary from the outside world, and can also make a difference to the quality of our sleep. If you are sensitive to light, then blackout curtains or blinds are an ideal solution to prevent disturbed sleep. 

Thicker curtains also have the advantage of better thermal control, so that the room will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. To soften the look, pair the curtains with an inner layer of sheer curtains that can be drawn for privacy during the daytime. A double pole will allow you to draw the curtains independently.

For kitchen windows

Kitchen windows can be challenging to dress, because the material tends to accumulate grease, cooking smells, splashes, and so on. Drapes can also be a fire hazard in the kitchen, so venetian or roller blinds are the most practical solution.

For a stylish take on kitchen window dressing, you could install cafe style shutters that come halfway up the window. This gives you some privacy if the kitchen is at the front of the house, while still allowing in plenty of natural light.